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Our Mission

In a world where technology is readily at our fingertips, the next generations of today’s leaders are learning how to adapt this technology to solve the problems they face in their daily lives. Our youngest learners have such an intuitive sense of how to best apply technology to meet their needs, they are rapidly surpassing adults in the use of technology. This is an impressive display of the application of knowledge, and we should be nurturing the development of these skills, which is just what PinkyInc is doing!!

PinkyInc is a place for kids to enhance and embrace their creative problem-solving and curiosity. We want to watch their ideas grow and come to life, right before their eyes! Rather than the traditional approach to education, PinkyInc uses a backwards strategy, to get kids thinking on their own and attempting to use what they have in front of them to develop solutions. We have programs for all things STEAM! We build curriculum based on each component of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), while letting students question their learning, to further enhance their interest and comprehension of the material presented.