Summer camps

Summer camps

Summer camps

Programmer, coder, engineer, filmmaker, architect, designer, inventor, producer...mastermind. PinkyInc Pioneers are all of these and much, much more!!

During our exciting and engaging summer camp programs, students have the ability to be anything they want!! We provide activities involving every piece of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, or STEAM. At PinkyInc we begin and end each day as a team. We recognize our progress and success, not only the achievements, but the hard work put forth during the process as well. Our students learn as a byproduct of curiosity. We encourage questioning and creative problem solving, as there is no right way to come up with a solution.

Our intelligent and energetic teachers help to guide students through lessons in STEAM, as well as team building and personal growth activities. Summer program lessons are designed to engage the student in different ways than a classroom might be able to. We present material directly associated with the projects, but help the students develop their own ways of solving the problem and creating a solution.

Summer camp at PinkyInc is the perfect opportunity for your student to discover an interest they might not have known they had, as well as have fun playing around with it!!

Our Approach

PinkyInc students will work as a team, and in smaller groups of teams, as well as individually. We want students to choose something they are interested in, and build something out of it. They do this together, as well as by themselves. We also want to teach students how to communicate effectively to enhance productivity and efficiency. Not only STEAM skills are important in today’s society, but also life skills involved in the workplace. Students are then expected to apply their learning to their outside lives.

Programming robots, building cars powered by carbon dioxide, directing and producing short films, engineering circuits, constructing architecture, designing 3D creations, among many other activities. Your child will get to explore topics and areas that will enable them to tap into their true interests, and create something they are proud of! We want students to find something they connect with and run with it! We want them to question the material they are learning! And most importantly, we want them to have an awesome time doing it!!